DesignBuild Projekt Guadalupe Miramar

Client: UMCAMIX – Unión de mujeres campesinas de la Mixteca

Location: Gudalupe Miramar, Oaxaca, Mexico

Year: 2008/2009

Guadalupe Miramar, a small mountain village in the Mixteca Alta is home to the women´s cooperative UMCAMIX – Unión de mujeres campesinas de la Mixteca. UMCAMIX was created with purpose of helping women find solidarity among each other and strengthen their business skills with the ultimate goal of making them self-sufficient members of their community.

The international and interdisciplinary team of TU Berlin realized a second storey as a wood construction on the existing pharmacy and local shop. The new building houses an assembly and guest room. In the small garden, an open kitchen with a tradition stove, the comal were realized. A compost toilet and hygiene facilities are rounding up the building trio. Staircases and pathways are giving an easy access to the steep grounds and link all elements with each other.

The VFFA supported the DesignBuild project in enhancing financial transactions and collectin donnations.